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The key to moving a safe no matter the size is skills, knowledge and the right equipment; and our delivery pros have it all. If you are looking for a professional safe moving and delivery service, we are your choice!

How To Order A Safe Moving Service

Get Safe Information

Quotes are based on the weight of the safe. Please gather information such as make, model, size and weight.

Pick A Spot

Decide where you want your safe moved to. Make sure the safe will fit through all the doors and make all the turns.

Check For Obstacles

Obstacles such as steps, stairs, unpaved surfaces and tight turns will need to mentioned when requesting a quote.

Clear The Path

Our safe and vault movers will need as much room as possible to maneuver your safe through your house or business.

Request A Quote

Once all of the above information is collected, simply click GET A QUOTE below or call (520)302-4678 for a quote!

*Upstairs/Downstairs delivery is only possible if staircase permits and if approved by Delivery Manager.

*Cabinet or pedestal elevated placement upon request if space is large enough and can handle the weight.

*Accessory installation available for additional charge.

*Prices are subject to change based on unforeseen obstacles and/or logistics of the move.

Risks Associated With Moving A Gun Safe



The weight and bulkiness of a gun safe pose a significant risk of injury.



Without the right skills, knowledge, and equipment you risk damaging the gun safe, it's contents, or your home.



There's a liability risk if a safe or its contents are mishandled.

At Sahuarita Services we have the skills, knowledge, and tools to make your safe move easy. Click GET A QUOTE above to start! 


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